When you hear the word investment, what immediately comes to your mind? CASH capital right? I get different types of questions from people who feel so exasperated about their inability to raise enough cash for any kind of business. Let me declare emphatically at this juncture that investment is a principle of life that goes beyond cash outlay on a particular business deal. Among the many words in the Thesaurus that defines investment are three key words, asset, deal and venture. Please keep these three words in mind.


Contrary to popular belief, everyone has something to invest that will ultimately guarantee maximum returns into his life. For a moment, imagine if Bill Gates had to make his living as a teacher. How fulfilled or rich do you think he would be? By the way, contrary to popular opinion, he was not a university dropout. He left voluntarily when he found out that the education he was being offered would not help him to enhance the music that his life would love to play! Imagine if Warren Buffet had to make his living playing golf or if Tiger Woods had to sell computers. Try to imagine a Soyinka playing professional football or Jimoh Ibrahim as a chef! They might still go ahead and make money, but they definitely would not be the icons that we know them to be in their chosen fields. At best, they would be average, unknown and uncelebrated. What is the common bond to all of them? Each one of them discovered his ‘music’ or as the American would say, his ‘juice’.


You were born for and with a certain ASSIGNMENT, the ‘IT’ that gives meaning to your life. It is your greatest asset, your number one investment capital. It is what life rewards you for because it is the platform the Creator has provided for you to be the answer to the questions someone is asking and is willing to reward. My favorite definition of money is; what you get for solving problems. When you solve enough problems, you are rewarded with enough money. People may extend temporary generosity to you but no one makes you rich because you are handsome, tall, beautiful, light or dark-complexioned. Your assignment brings you into the POSITION in life that enables you to fully develop and express your unique talents in the service of the greatest number of people. This in turn brings you into incredible financial prosperity. The closer you move to this POSITION, the greater your likelihood of untold success.


The best cure for envy that I know of is in “shining your eyes” to discover what your life was created to do. What brings colour to your face? What would you do if you already had all the money in the world and you didn’t have to do anything for money? I write and speak and even at the risk of sounding immodest, I believe I am good at what I do because I pay the price of dying daily to so many things so that my real ‘juice’ can find the best expression possible at any given time. But money is not the primary reason I do it. I do it because I love it. Each of these two activities makes me pulsate with life, so I give it my best shot every time.  There is a place in life where you do not run after success but success runs after you. Money was designed to be a reward, so it is useless pursuing it! It will always be found wherever there is value to be rewarded. So I have resolved to CONSISTENTLY make myself valuable. To be a man of means, be a man of value.


Why do most people never seem to locate their ASSIGNMENT, that PLACE where their success can come naturally and in great abundance? Simple. They are too busy complaining about what they do not have that they have never taken time to appreciate what they have. Sometimes, they are so envious of God’s blessings on another person that they need to be rudely reminded that they too have equal access to the inheritance called life. When the elder brother of the prodigal son complained about the lavish reception given his brother, his father replied; “You are always with me and all I have is yours!” Definitely if he had known that instead of keeping records of what his brother was doing abroad, he would have long been delivered from his small goat mentality!

to be continued.

Remember, the sky is not your limit, God is!



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