You don’t have to ride on life’s rollercoaster and get to the end of the bumpy ride wondering what happened. Wealth that you get by accident will be frittered away by design. Life isn’t a rehearsal. It’s the real thing. Wake up! The play has started. But have you mastered your lines yet? There’s a place where the “juice” of your life flows with the greatest ease. Find it. What experience has taught me is that there is no properly developed skill that can not be marketed for a good price! When you make your life relevant to a generation, it usually gives you the honour of naming your price.


Sometime ago, I flew into London. I cannot now remember whether via Heathrow or Gatwick airport but I had presumed on the weather and had my projections messed up by the characteristically unpredictable British weather. As I ran inside a taxi while lamenting the harshness of the weather, I lifted my eyes and right ahead of me was a huge billboard on which was written, “The world makes room for the man who knows where he is going.” For the greater part of that trip, that was my food for thought. I had been stranded severally before I learnt that no one was created to be stranded on the journey of life.

No wonder, the scriptures declare that the gift of a man makes room for him and makes him to stand before kings and not before ordinary men. If you can make your assignment produce what kings need and are willing to reward, you will be paid a price that only kings can pay! Your assignment is nothing but the seed that God has given to you to produce that harvest you are so feverishly bombarding God for. When God established the seed and harvest cycle in creation, He gave every man the privilege of using his today to design his own future. Lawyers tell us that you cannot build something on nothing. If nothing gives, then nothing gets. The consistent development and investment of your assignment is the only thing that guarantees a flow of resources into your life. The key word here is ‘investment’. 


The primary resource is time. Losers spend it. Winners invest it. Invest time to DISCOVER what your assignment is. Invest time to DEVELOP it into a marketable skill and finally, DEPLOY it by actually turning it into a profitable venture Picture this. You’re 90 years old, sitting on a rocking chair in front of your home, and thinking about the great things that have happened in your life.

Suddenly, a stream of regret finds its way into thoughts. Various chapters of your past life roll by as you recall the many things you could have achieved but didn’t with the potentials God gave you. But all that is now history. A tinge of sadness creeps in. You rock back on the chair and a few tears gather under your eyes as you suddenly realize that the drama of life had been playing out without even bothering to know if you mastered your lines or not. The train called the ‘Financial Freedom Express’ passed by you several times but you never jumped on it!Every newborn baby enters this world with clenched fists as if saying to the world, “I brought something for you!” Conversely all men die with their hands wide open as if saying, “I left it all here”.  


Dear friend, you were born with a gift, your assignment to the world. Unique to you, it may seem insignificant but so do the seeds that produce an orchard. You can count the number of seeds in an orange but you cannot count the number of oranges in a seed. The seed of that gift is God’s answer to the prayer you had always prayed for an orchard. Now that you know that your life depends on it, do whatever you need to do to discover it. But don’t stop there, go ahead and invest time to develop and invest it. Make no mistakes. God will not do that for you. He only stops at revealing it to you if you care to ask Him. Make it specific, so it can be dynamic. Nobody funds an undefined project. This is why potential financiers always want to see a business plan. When you were born, you cried, people rejoiced. My prayer is that by the time you die, the order would be reversed with you rejoicing and people crying!


Remember, the sky is not your limit, God is!


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