Let no one think I just lost touch with the calendar. What you read in the title is not a spelling mistake.

As a Public Speaker and preacher, I get to meet quite a lot of people – some hugely successful and some just merely getting by. One characteristic that I have found common to highly successful people is their predisposition for prompt action even when they cannot predict what the outcome is. I have heard many of them say that all they had at the start of a project was just a hunch and they merely followed what others would have labeled a mirage. According to one of them, he was not even thinking of a failure possibility and so did not care. He just wanted to follow his heart and enjoy the ride for whatever it was worth. And it paid off! Great people would rather fail at doing something than be successful at doing nothing!

Conversely, one thing common to those who merely get by is their predilection for deferring action until an illusory perfect time. They are masters in the art of procrastination. They contemplate more than they implement. Major decisions and steps to be taken are usually posted into the never-full pigeon-hole of the future. What they routinely forget is that today is the tomorrow they spoke about yesterday. By the time they arrive at the fabled tomorrow, they suddenly realize that other assignments are already lined up and so they have more reasons to defer again till later. For such people, the words “later”, “tomorrow” and “when” feature very prominently in their lexicon.

“I’ll do it when I have more money”

“When I get another job”

“When I retire”

“When I wake up”

“When I become older”

“When I have more time”

“When the economic situation improves”

If you are in this category, I hate to rain on your parade, but that perfect time will never come. Hear the widom of Solomon in the Bible, “Those who wait for all conditions to be perfect will never get anything done”

I am a stickler for perfection but over the years, I have come to realize that things are only perfected after they have been done, not before. As a writer, I can confess to you that several times, I try putting words to my thoughts without success. Sometimes I just sit behind the computer wondering what to do first; a perfect excuse for deferring the task! But the moment I hit the keyboard, stumbling over the words at first, I begin to gather momentum. Ultimately, the challenge I have very often is that I end up writing so much that editing becomes a major issue!

Can you recall how many beautiful ideas hit you in the middle of the night or in your bathroom? A song you received in your dream and you sang into consciousness? Remember smiling and rolling over on your side after you mulled the idea or song a few times with the intention of writing it down first thing in the morning? By which time you had totally forgotten the specifics. All that was left was the memory of a pleasant experience that became even more poignantly upsetting because of the lost potentials?

If you have a ten million dollar project in view and all you have now is $20,000, it is obvious you no longer need N10m. You need $9.98m! There will always be something that the $20,000 can do NOW. It can buy recharge cards to talk to potential helpers or used to print a letterhead to write letters seeking access to people you can share your idea with.

In many cases, you don’t even know what skills are required for a task until you have taken on the assignment. Until your destination is determined, life does not point out the route to you. Only those who travel on a road will see the mileposts indicating destination, the distance already covered and most importantly, how much farther you need to travel. Stop waiting for your ship to come meet you at shore. More often than not, life demands that you swim out to go and meet it in the deep waters.

Is there a prospect or client you need to contact? Have you been thinking of joining the choir, learning how to play an instrument, enrolling in a school to hone your skills further (yours truly just completed a certification course!), settling down and getting married to the love of your life, reading a book or finishing one you started, laying the foundation of your new building, saving for a business or the education of your children, putting a business plan together etc.? When should you start? Whensday is just fine.

So jump out of bed or your easy chair Your Excellency, roll up your sleeves and get cracking. It’s a new day; another opportunity for dreams to be acted upon till they find expression and fulfillment. There is no better time to do it than ‘Whensday’.

And that is TODAY!

Remember, the sky is not your limit, God is!

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