If you ever thought Strategic Thinking was a waste of precious time, wait till you read this.
A dog that had strayed away from its owner got lost in the forest. Frustrated and thoroughly worn out from wandering up and down the forest without being able to find his way out it decided it was probably better to just wait for sure death. At the blow of the breeze, it perceived the smell of fresh meat from a distance.

Well, it reasoned, at least one meal before death would not be such a bad idea. Following the scent, it came to a spot where laid the carcass of an animal that had been almost stripped to the bones. As the dog settled to feast, it heard a rustle in the bush just behind it. Turning back it saw a tiger running towards it from a distance. Knowing very well that it could end up like the animal it was feasting on, the dog knew it had to think fast. In a flash of inspiration, it turned again to face the meal it was having. When it sensed that the tiger was within earshot, it began to say loudly while pretending to be absorbed in its food;

“Waoh! I never knew that tiger meat was this delicious. First time I actually got one. I need to do this more often.”

On hearing that, the tiger beat a hasty retreat and ran away from the scene as fast as its legs could carry it. A monkey had watched the whole scenario from a distance. The monkey had had a tiff with the tiger in time past and the only thing that saved it from the tiger’s claws and belly was the fact that it spent all its time on trees. The monkey decided it was time to mend fences with the tiger by letting it see through the dog’s deception. So it hopped off in hot pursuit of the tiger. On getting to where the tiger laid panting it shouted;

“How could you have fallen so cheaply for the dog’s tricks? When did you ever see a dog kill a tiger? If I didn’t know you I would have thought you were foolish. Now can you see that I am your friend?”

Filled with gratitude to the monkey but thoroughly enraged and vengefully incensed against the dog, the tiger carried the monkey on its back and moved with venomous speed towards the dog to teach it the lesson of its life.

Still relishing his food, the dog looked up again only to see the tiger charging towards it in a way that spelt ‘merciless’. Then it saw the monkey on the tiger’s back and put two and two together. Danger! Again, looking in the opposite direction and pretending not to notice them, it blurted out as soon as the tiger and the monkey were within earshot;
“I never knew monkeys were this daft. Where is the stupid monkey I sent to go and get me another tiger over ten minutes ago?”

As to what the tiger had for dinner, your guess is as good as mine!

Rememeber, the sky is not your limit, God is!


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