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A platform designed to train you on the strategies & lessons that made me a top earner and highly sought-after international trainer, public speaker and Life Coach to Niche Leaders, Speakers and C-Suite Executives globally.

Keynote Speaker

He was the first African Keynote Speaker at the Cherokee County (Georgia, USA) celebration of the American National day of Prayer.

Barack Obama

Tope Popoola was among the dignitaries Invited to the 2009 Prayer Breakfast with the then newly elected President of the USA, Barack Obama.

Leadership Giant

Recognized for his leadership role in capacity building, he was honoured with the Honorary Citizenship of the State of Nebraska in the USA.

Harvard University

He is an alumnus of the Building State Capability program of the Harvard University Centre for International Development.

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Be part of the ever lively community of leaders and business magnates where ideas and training on L.I.F.E. (Leadership, Impact, Finance, Excellence) and personal development are shared.

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For people who want thorough training, or who want to experience as they learn, I offer a 1-on-1 mentorship program on Leadership, Impact, Finance and Excellence, that is second to none.

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If you are really ready to maximize your potentials and be the main voice in your chosen niche or organization, the Unleash Now weekly Webinar is a good place to start your launch.

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What You Will Learn in "Lead As You Go"

☑️ You will discover how to sell a comb to a monk!

☑️ You will learn how to increase your productivity.

☑️ You will also learn how to be a gilt-edge leader.

☑️ You will also learn how to avoids Leadership gaps and much more.

Who is it for?

If you are passionate about becoming a cutting-edge leader and voice in your sphere, then the book plus the coaching package is for you!


The book LEAD As You Go was written to help you clarify, simplify, and amplify your leadership potential. The coaching on the other hand is the Ying of the Yang, because it is designed to activate your potential in 3D (Discovery, Development, and Deployment) to enable you become a global brand.

About Your Coach

‘Tope Popoola is a widely traveled and highly sought-after conference speaker and consumate trainer who has delivered several keynote speeches and facilitated training programs in various parts of the world.
He serves on the International Faculty of Haggai International, a leadership training institute with campuses in Asia and Hawaii, USA, where he teaches on the subject of Leadership.
He is an accomplished award-winning author, newspaper columnist and host of the TV Program ENTERPRISE 101 with Tope Popoola.
He is an alumnus of the Building State Capability program of the Harvard University Centre for International Development. He speaks regularly on Leadership, Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship and consults for several organizations on these issues. He is also a Life Coach to several corporate executives. 

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