An American tourist was visiting a little Chinese village whose inhabitants were predominantly fishermen. He was excited at the rustic life and the simplicity of the people. He was particularly intrigued by a particular man that he saw who at that time of the day, had already brought his boat to shore, washed his nets and now laid swinging back and forth in a hammock while puffing away at a pipe. For our tourist friend, this was an unjustifiable waste of precious time. His capitalist instincts were fired up and he drew closer to the fisherman to educate him on a few things.

“Hey my friend, why are you sitting swinging and pipe-puffing when you could still be working? The day is still very young. You could still catch more fish
“I see”, came the sharp reply, “so that what can happen?”
“Well, if you catch more fish, you could make more money”
Again, the reply, “So that what can happen?”
If you made more money, you could buy another boat
And then?
You can employ more hands, catch more fish and make more money still.
And then?
You enlarge your operations, buy more boats, employ more staff and you can catch as much fish as you like
Then what next?

You can retire early or work when you like and you can have plenty of time to enjoy yourself and have good time
The Chinese fisherman stared hard at the American and calmly asked him, “So what exactly am I doing right now?

Lesson? Every man must discover his success index. It is called purpose discovery. Success for some is a happy family. For some it is serving others. For others still, it may mean acquiring wealth or position. Whatever it is for you, define it so that you can know when you find it. That way, you will not need to join the rat race. Even if you win the rat race, you will still be a rat at the end of the race!

The best definition of success that I have come across is your ability to internalize and accomplish God’s purpose for your life. You were never called to compete with anyone except yourself. If you do not know your destination in life, somebody will suggest one to you and you will not be able to refuse. Quit trying to beat someone else at anything. It is one of the shortest routes to an early grave.

True success is not necessarily about being the best at all cost. It’s about DOING your best at all times. If you do that long enough, who knows, you might just end up being the best, and you will not have a hypertension getting there!

Remember, the sky is NOT your limit, God is!

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