Opportunities can be equalized. Success cannot. Opportunities can be random. But true success is usually predicated on certain laws.


Want to be forever dependent, insolvently broke and perpetually frustrated? Then jump at every free offer around you without asking questions.

It’s very simple. It’s the very plank on which oppressors over the years have stood. When the colonialists came to Africa, they first came with goodies for our forefathers. So when they started capturing our sons and daughters and hauled them to Europe and America as slaves, we couldn’t ask questions. Our ancestors were too drunk on free gin to care. And for more free gin and free gunpowder, they actually helped the slave merchants to round up and hound off their own children. And so, an entire generation was mentally wrecked because of a people’s predilection for free things. Up till now, this mindset is being perpetuated in the guise of asking for foreign aid for every little challenge that we face in this part of the world. So when we are exploited blind in the exploitation and international sale of our raw materials, we can neither complain nor ask questions! May you be among the new breed without greed that will change the situation.


Have you heard the story of the Trojan horse? The Greeks had laid siege on the city of Troy. But the walls of the city and the gates ensured that it was very impregnable. So the Greeks came up with a strategy. They made a huge wooden horse on wheels with enough space in its belly for an entire army. When the making of the horse was completed, they sent emissaries of ‘peace’ to the king of Troy with the offer of a free gift, a huge wonder-on-wheels. Impressed by the offer, the Trojans decided to open the gates to allow the horse to allow the horse and the people bringing it into the city. But not before the Greek soldiers had positioned themselves in the horse. As the horse approached the heart of the city, the Trojans had set themselves on both sides of the road to see this Greek wonder. Suddenly, the horse stopped and the Greek soldiers jumped out and began a mass slaughter. The army of Troy was not prepared and before it had time to deploy, the battle was over. The victory was so cheap for the Greek! The next time you hear the expression, ‘beware of Greek gifts’, this is what it’s all about. It’s free but it’s potentially lethal.


Slave masters have an edge over their slaves because slaves do not pay for their accommodation, their feeding or their clothing. In turn, they do not get paid for their labour. But they do not mind. Afterall, according to a Yoruba adage, once hunger is removed from poverty, poverty is no longer an issue.


The beneficiary is always under obligation to the benefactor. So never attempt relating with a superior – mentor, rich man etc – if you have nothing to contribute to their lives. Once the flow of giving tilts too heavily to one side, the ever receiving side can become an expendable factor of the equation.


Always give value for value for value received. It’s the only way you can climb on the bandwagon of wealth. Pay to attend seminars. Buy tapes, books to enhance your life instead of begging for it. Give financial support to a radio or TV programme that is of value to you.  You are blessed by them because somebody paid for the airtime. If everyone wanted it free, the programme would not be aired and you would not benefit from it.


Several times, people walk up to me to bless me with a copy of their musical or literary work as a complimentary copy. My instinctive response has always been to reach into my pocket and give a donation – usually in excess of the actual cost of the material. I do not need to be asked. I just do it because it is the proper thing to do. Make no mistakes, I am comfortable receiving things from people, but I am more passionate about giving back – especially now that I know it is the winners’ mindset.


God wanted mankind saved. In His omnipotence, He could have just waved a wand or spoken a word and it would have been done. But He still paid for it with the life of His Son! So the next time someone says salvation is free, remind him that it cost a life!

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