If you want money to flow towards you, then let it flow through you. That is why the other name for money is currency. It was designed to be mobile! What you see flowing into a wealthy man’s life today is a function of what flowed out of his life in time past in the form of investments, time, skills, relationships etc. Do not be like the Dead Sea, always receiving but never giving out! Which is why nothing survives in it!


As a citizen of the world, earn the right to be respected. Earn your right to ask questions about the quality of services you get. Pay for them. If you find it difficult to pay for vigilante services, you have no right to query your Landlords’ Association about the quality of security in your neighbourhood. If you don’t pay your electricity bills when due, you cannot question PHCN’s performance or the receipt of crazy bills.

(Thank God for pay-as-you-go metres!)


Sometime last year, when the GSM networks rolled out a bonanza package allowing people to make free calls from midnight to 4.30 a.m, I knew it was trouble. Why midnight? Why not early morning or early evening? Because the networks themselves knew that only poor people who had no reasonable value for time and whose lives hovered around free things would seize the opportunity. Did you notice people around you struggling to stay awake just to make calls? One minute into the time and the networks are all jammed. Yet people kept at it for hours before getting a call through! If a worker had stayed up all night just to make free calls, what does that tell you about productivity at work the next day? Productive man-hours spent sleeping or feeling groggy because of a bonanza! I had to educate my children on the implications before they saw that it was not actually free! They paid with their health and their studies!


I used to wonder why the developed nations of the world never invite us to monitor their elections or any of their national events like census, health programmes, etc. Yet, we are given the impression that until they monitor and subsequently validate what we do in those areas, none of the related activities is acceptable. Now I know it cannot be otherwise. They earned the right to be involved in our affairs and question our integrity and capacity for doing things right because they defray a substantial portion of the bills for these activities. They part-finance our census, voters’ registration and even our elections. One does not need to be a rocket scientist to know that the borrower is always at the mercy of the lender. If you pay the piper, you also get to tell him the kind of tune to play!


Have you noticed that the Ivy League schools that produce a lot of the shakers and movers of society are not cheap?


If you love to have good things for next to nothing, let me share an experience with you. Sometime in 1989, I was taking a walk on a busy New York city street and I saw some roadside stalls manned by some tall guys of African descent. They displayed different types of wrist watches with designer labels. I was fascinated by a ‘His and Hers’ packaged together under the label of GUCCI. I priced it. It was cheaper than a similar one I had seen in a store earlier, yet I was still able to beat down the price! I was the happiest man on earth until I got back to Nigeria. I brought out the wrist watches and my wife and I strapped them on for the first – and the last time! I haven’t made the same mistake since then. Did I hear you ask if that was possible in the USA? This principle doesn’t respect geography!


Abraham the father of faith knew the secret. Nothing goes for nothing. No wonder his biological offsprings still call the shots in any economy where they find themselves till date. There is no free lunch. Everything has a price tag. Before you commit, ask yourself if you can pay the price.


Consistently desire to be a man of value. Think value. Talk value. Produce value. But above all, give value. It’s the only way not to be stranded in your economic journey through life!


Remember, the sky is not your limit, God is!

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